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Polymer Services was established as a company in 1987 dedicated to providing both new and used equipment to the Rubber and Plastics Industries in South Africa and overseas. At the time of the company's formation there was no specific organisation in South Africa providing such a service but the need was apparent after discussions with several senior people within the industry.

In the past twenty years Polymer Services has supplied a variety of plant to all the tyre factories within South Africa and to many non-tyre organisations. The Company sends out a quarterly plant list to over 180 local and 50 overseas companies.

New plant built by Polymer Services in association with Profab Engineering who share premises, includes batch-off cooling lines (8 supplied to the tyre factories and 2 to non-tyre plants), strip cooling machines for the smaller compound mixing facilities, compression moulding presses and recently an inner tread line with duplex extruder for a local tyre factory. A second line has followed this order from another SA tyre plant.

The company also undertakes full refurbishment of used plant.