Mixing Line Print

We have completed over 10 batch-off cooling lines for the local tyre and non-tyre industries. Internal mixers catered for range from 60-litre (K4) up to 370-litre (F370).

Summary of items in line

  1. Infeed conveyor to take rubber from mill with pneumatically operated batch stamper wheel (stamper wheel characters are extra items).
  2. Dip tank/dip conveyor with spray arrangement to coat/wet sheet with water/anti-tack before entry into festoon. Dip tank is agitated to keep anti-tack in solution.
  3. Festoon tunnel comprising hollow pin bearing chain carrying flight bars (fixed to hold sheet rubber). Chain indexes forward a pitch at a time and is controlled by a variable speed motor through a geneva wheel/gearbox arrangement to control loop length as sheet is draped over fight bars. Banks of fans cool the rubber as it progresses through the tunnel. Cooling is by latent heat of evaporation. Removable galvanized floor plates are fitted inside the tunnel to allow easy access for cleaning and maintenance.
  4. Manual pick out station comprising of a suitable access platform at the end of tunnel where the operator will lift the rubber off the flight bar and place end onto an outfeed conveyor.
  5. Wigwag conveyor which lays the sheet onto a pallet.
  6. Suitable electrical controls and operators panel to control the machine.